Color Your Hair with Mehendi

The use of Mehendi for coloring the graying hairs and making hair glamorous with bright shinning is deeply rooted in the Indian culture. Mehendi powder is prepared by processing the leaves of Mehendi trees found almost everywhere in India. In this addition, a famous Indian Mehendi brand ‘Heena’ has occupied the predominant position in the world market of hair care and fashion. Here are some useful notes about ‘Heena’ Mehendi powder: 

• It is applied to the greying hair for maintaining natural look and fashionable hair.
• It’s the most natural colouring agent for hair of every type.
• Heena adds thickness and natural brightness to the hair.
• It has the natural hair conditioning properties.
• You may be rid of the bacterial affects on your hair because of its anti-fungal properties.
• A Heena powder is completely free of any side effects.
• Regular application of Heena strengthens the hair.

Preferably, at an interval of 15 days hair need to be coloured with Heena Mehendi. There are several other brands of Mehendi in power form. You may choose a suitable brand for your use. Lets know how the thick paste of Mehendi powers are made adding some ingredients and applied on your hair.

Essential Items:
1. Henna powder
2. A clean bowl
3. Gloves
4. White of egg
6. Tea
7. Iron Tablet
8. Lemon Juice or Yogurt

How to Prepare Mehendi Paste?
Pour the Mehendi in a glass or plastic bowl. Put a pan on the stove with 3.5 glass water in it. When the water in the pan is semi boiled, add tea in it. Keep this tea-added water boiling till its volume comes down to one third. Now, allow this tea syrup to get cool. When the tea syrup comes into normal temperature add Mehendi power in it and a make paste. The next step is to add an iron tablet to this paste. Now, add beaten eggs to the paste. As per your requirement, add either lemon juice or yogurt. Make a think paste of and keep it aside for four to five hours. 

Wash hair with shampoo, a day before applying Mehendi to your hair. People whose hair is too dry may add any hair oil to the Mehendi paste. Coffee powder can be added to this paste for brownish shining of the hair.

How to apply Mehendi?

What to Do Before Applying Mehendi:
First of all, you need to wear a pair of gloves in both of your hands. This is to avoid unwanted staining of the hands. Apply oil on your cheeks, forehead, and ears and cover the shoulders with a piece of cloth or towel.

Applying Mehendi Paste to Your Hair:
Arrange your hair into four equal sections and apply Mehendi paste beginning from the scalp to the tip. After you have applied it to the hair arrange the hair in circular motion forming a ball of the hairs on the top of the head. Redo this for all the four sections of the hair. When it’s complete, cover the Mehendi applied hair with a plastic. Allow the paste to get hard on your hair and wait for two to three hours. Finally, wash the hair only with clean water.

Now, it’s time to enjoy healthy, silky, and shinning hair on your hair. 

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