Strict Dieting: Causes Cancer

Are you a true smartness conscious person? or, do you want to remain smart at any cost to your health? May be, I am correct here.

All of us desires for a slim and slender look. Here, the first condition not  to have extra fat in the body. Eating proper diet and balanced lifestyle helps out in maintaining a smart look throughout the years of our life. But, in the name of diet control especially the women keep them on starvation. Though women have the  understanding of fast fat loosing through strict practice of dieting, but staying starved or empty stomach badly affects on their health. Such practice gradually led them to bigger health risk of cancer. A recent medical study corroborates this fact.

According to the founding of this that those who controlled their calories intake produced higher level of the harmful stress hormone cortisol and exposure to the hormone actually made some dieters put on weight. Dieting could actually damage mental health too as many suffered increased psychological stress when they were constantly forced to monitor what they eat. "Regardless of their success or failure (in loosing weight), if future studies show that dieting increases stress and cortisol, doctors may need to rethink recommending it to their patients to improve health" as stated by the researchers.

"Chronic stress, in addition to promoting weight gain, has been linked with coronary heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. Dieting might potentially add to this stress burden and its outcomes would best not be overlooked" the researchers said.

The study, by California University in San Fransisco and Minnesota University, looked at 121 women who were put on a standard three-week diet of 1200 calories a day---around half a woman's recommended daily amount of 2,000 calories. Each patient was asked to provide a saliva sample before and after the study to test for cortisol levels. The results showed a significant increase in the amount of the hormone after three weeks of the program.

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