Get Rid of Hair Loss, Baldness

The incidences of hair loss occur to both men and women. But women do not experience hair loss as much the men does. Hair loss happens to the male population beginning at their twenties. Genetic factors are mainly responsible for hair loss in men at a very younger age. Till date research and experiments are going on to solve this very sensitive issue of hair falling and baldness at a premature age. Honestly, no medication or therapy proved to be successful in addressing this problem. 

Recently, two new drugs has been the ray of hope to the people everyday dealing with the issue hair falling. The drug brands helping in Hair Regrowth are Minoxidil and Finasteride (Fig on Right: Propecia 1 mg pill). According to the medical observations, application of these drugs rejuvenates Hair Regrowth in the affected scalp in about one out of every three men. But, the drug Finasteride has significant sexual side-effects such as erectile dysfunction.

Women often suffer from the Hair Loosing Symptom of male Pattern Baldness (i.e., receding hair at the temples as well at the top of the head). A prescribed application of 2% of the drug Minoxidil to the scalp proved to be successful in stopping this hair disease and significant Hair Regrowth in the affected areas of the scalp.

Apart from the medicines, several therapies are also in place to help Hair Regrowth. A recently invented hair therapy product, a laser comb with the properties of stimulating hair growth in men, obtained the FDA approval.  According one of the veterans in Clinical Dermatology at Columbia University, “The laser comb may actually work better at Hair Regrowth in women, and there are no side effects”.  According to claims made in literature provided by the manufacturer Lexington International, “Within the first 12 weeks, you should notice early general improvements or activation of your hair occurring. These improvements should include a normalizing of scalp condition, shinier and thicker hair. Then, over the next few months, you may notice your hair gradually becoming fuller, stronger and denser. Also, as your scalp gets healthier, you may notice less dandruff and scalp irritation. “

This very gadget-type looked comb uses photo-therapy or infrared light to stimulate Hair Regrowth in men with Alopecia or Baldness. Though it’s not sure about how exactly this laser comb works, but the clinical trial for this product is not stringent as the drugs. But, it’s a perfect product and therapy to the people who are unable to use drugs for health reasons. This magic comb is being sold online over the internet.

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