Angioplasty Cost: An Indian Perspective

If you are looking for the most updated information regarding the cost of angioplasty surgery, it would be wise to take a look around the healthcare facilities offering ‘within your budget’ services to every kind of angioplasty surgeries. In such a way, you must learn about many hospitals and cath labs are ready to undertake your angioplasty surgery procedure in an affordable budget. The cost scenario related to treatment of heart--especially about angioplasty procedure has undergone a drastic change. Five years before, cost for an angioplasty procedure was very almost exorbitant. Only the reputed hospitals used to handle the cases of heart-surgery and they used to appoint the the best cardiac surgeons to get the jobs done. But, in the recent time, massive changes has been experienced in the field of cardiac treatment including bypass heart surgery, coronary surgery, and stent angioplasty.

Cost of angioplasty surgery and the medical devices has dwindled down to the most affordable levels. In India cost of coronary angioplasty ranges more or less Rs. 1 Lakh. This amount includes the expenses of staying in the hospital for 2-3 days and the other expenses associated with stent angioplasty surgery of a heart-attack patient.

One of the major reasons behind this cost reduction is the growing competition among the manufacturers of the angioplasty surgery devices (general and drug eluting stent devices), health care professionals, and the mushrooming up cath labs across the cities. Report says, in the forthcoming months the cost of angioplasty may further experience a cost slash down by 30% to 40%. This may happen as a number of healthcare facilities are operating with the vision of revenue maximization through attracting more and more patient’s considerably low cost stent angioplasty and coronary angioplasty surgeries. Another influencing factor is the cath labs which are mushrooming up in every city. The cath labs offer low-cost angioplasty surgeries which are mostly performed by the inexperienced doctors. The glittering ad about low cost and effective angioplasty procedure has been the reason behind attracting a huge pool of heart patients to the cath labs.

An angioplasty procedure cost, especially in India is experiencing a downturn. The cost of angioplasty procedure with the help of bare metal stent has come down from Rs 67,000 to Rs 35,000-Rs 50,000. Angioplasty surgery with the help of medicated Drug Eluting Stents (DES) now costs at Rs 1,25,000-Rs 60,000 earlier which was Rs 1,38,000. More interestingly, the cost of balloon angioplasty reduced to Rs 12,000- Rs 14,000 from Rs 20,000-24,000. Now, catheters are available between Rs 4,000 - Rs 4,500 which was Rs 6,000--Rs 7,000 earlier. The angioplasty wires are now as cheap as Rs. 3000 which were sold at Rs 6,000-Rs 7,000 earlier.

Please review the reducing costs of angioplasty surgery and the surgery devices; you will notice couple of interesting developments. US-based Johnson & Johnson (J&J) the pioneer manufacturer of ‘Cypher’, has reduced the price of this device from Rs 1,37,200 to Rs 1,25,000 earlier. A spokesperson from this organization sates “We are the pioneer, who had launched the product after years of R& D and hence the initial price was kept high. We have reduced the price now considering the high volume of angioplasty being conducted globally”.

Another renowned surgical devices manufacturing brand from Germany, ‘Vasucular Concepts’, which first launched its bare metal stents at Rs 35,000, now reduced it price to Rs 10,000. Vascular Concepts is evaluating the price for another important and widely used angioplasty surgery device called ‘DES’. Currently, a DES can be purchased at Rs 75,000. Vasucular Concepts is considering distributing DES in the world market at a low price. A company spokesperson added, “It’s the economics which has led us to reduce the cost of bare metal stents. We have the potential to reduce the price of DES also within a couple of years from Rs 75,000 to Rs 55,000 - Rs 60,000”.


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